A little over a year ago Frederik Halberg’s phone rang. At that time he was living in Nicosia, Cyprus and was the Country Manager of Novartis activities in Cyprus and Malta. Frederik Harald Halberg is 46 years old and has made his career in the medical industry counting leadership positions in Novo Nordisk, Salenta, Roche, AstraZeneca and Novartis.

It was Per Buch calling to ask whether I would consider taking over after him“, Frederik Harald Halberg tells. “The offer came as a total surprise, but the decision

was easy. Because my accept meant that the wheel becomes full circle“. Frederik Harald Halberg is a great-grandson of Harald Halberg, founder of the Halberg Tobacco Company in 1887 when buying Carl Bønnelycke’s tobacco factory in Svendborg. The tobacco factory – now named Mac Baren Tobacco Company – has been Halberg Family owned ever since.


Over the years the family business has spread its activities now other than the tobacco factories in Svendborg, Berlin and Richmond, US counting hotels, real estate and a company, Elka Rainwear, producing quality waterproof clothing. “It does not stop here“, Frederik Harald Halberg says. “The primary task is to further develop present business areas and to create new ones“.

Frederik Harald Halberg, his wife Christina and 4 children have now settled in Svendborg. He venerates the town a lot and mentions that the Halberg Group traditionally supports numerous local initiatives. “It is our duty to support the local

 community and we will continue to do so possibly to an even greater extend in the future“, Frederik Harald Halberg says.

According to Per Buch the changing of the watch has been on the cards for a long time. He turned 65 in March and has served the Halberg Group for 27 years. Per Buch will take over the chairmanship after Henrik Halberg, who passed away in January.